Senior Adults Serving

The Senior Adults at Dawson Baptist Church provide a warm and welcome atmosphere of belonging to something bigger than themselves in the form of the S.A.S.  group. 

What does it take to become a member of S.A.S?
    First of all you do not even have to be a member of the church to be active in this opportunity to serve and fellowship with people of the same background and age as yourself.
When do they meet?
    The Senior Adults that make up the group known as the S.A.S. meet every third Tuesday of each month. This is, of course, unless otherwise stated.   
What kind of activities would you be involved in if you were to become a part of the S.A.S.?
    The group meets once a month for a meal, and it is either pot luck style at the church, or they will meet at a restaurant chosen by the group as a whole. The S.A.S. also will take day trips; various trips that have been taken before have been to places such as Patti's 1880's settlement in the land between the lakes at Grand Rivers, Kentucky, and also to Gatlinburg TN. The group also is very missions minded, and have performed many various missions activities that have a wide scope in range and impact on those who are touched by these acts of kindness.
Is the S.A.S. for you?
    If you would like more information about the S.A.S. you can contact the church at (270) 729-4202.
We look forward to seeing you Senior Adults Serving God in the near future!