Bible Reading - Week 10


This week you will see the wilderness years come to an end and Israel poised to enter the promised land.



Deuteronomy 10:17 For the LORD your God is the God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, mighty, and awe-inspiring God, showing no partiality and taking no bribe.


DAY 1 Numbers 29-32

  • By now you are familiar with the fact that Israel’s religious system requires numerous sacrifices. Try to imagine the sights and sounds of the sacred assemblies described in today’s reading.
  • Chapter 30 required that a vow made by a woman had to be authorized by her father or husband before it was binding. Vows typically included a valuable gift to God. Since fathers and husbands bore the primary economic responsibility in the family, they deserved to have a say in what their daughters or wives vowed, otherwise the vow might place the family in unnecessary financial hardship. Pause to consider the importance of communicating with the family before making major purchases.
  • In chapter 31, only the virgin women are permitted to live because they did not participate in the seduction that led the Israelite men into the idolatry and immorality mentioned in 25:1-3.
  • What agreement does Moses work out in chapter 32 with the tribes east of the Jordan?


DAY 2 Numbers 33-36

  • Why is Israel to drive out the inhabitants of the promised land? How does this compare to our need to drive out sin from our lives today?
  • As you read about the borders of the land, be sure to give thanks that God provides you with a place to live. Also, what does John 14:2 teach about your future inheritance as a believer?
  • Why did Israel have six cities of refuge?


DAY 3 Deuteronomy 1-3

  • The opening chapters of Deuteronomy review Israel’s history because forty years have passed since the exodus from Egypt and a new generation of Israelites has been born, whereas the old one has died.
  • Pay attention to Moses’ concern for impartiality when deciding a case.
  • What were Israel’s failures at Kadesh-Barnea?
  • Why was Israel able to defeat Sihon and Og?
  • In what ways is Moses preparing the way for Joshua to take over the leadership responsibilities of Israel?


DAY 4 Deuteronomy 4-7

  • What positive impact will Israel’s obedience have on other nations?
  • What terrible thing will happen quickly if Israel turns away from the Lord? Conversely, what will happen if they turn back to the Lord?
  • What promise does the Lord give to Israel after giving them the Ten Commandments?
  • Summarize what Israel is supposed to do with the laws of God, according to chapter 6.
  • Why must Israel destroy the nations they encounter in the land they are entering to possess?
  • Why did the Lord choose Israel?


DAY 5 Deuteronomy 8-11

  • For what reasons did the Lord lead Israel in the wilderness for forty years?
  • What warning does the Lord give to Israel if they ever forget him and follow other gods?
  • Why will the Israelites be able to drive out greater and stronger nations?
  • What requirements does the Lord stipulate in chapter 10 that Israel must follow?
  • According to chapter 11, how is the promised land different from Egypt?


DAY 6 Deuteronomy 12-15

  • Why is Israel supposed to worship the Lord only where he chooses?
  • What is the sign of a false prophet?
  • What must the Israelites do with anyone who entices them to worship other gods?
  • How were the Israelites to ensure that the Levites, resident aliens, the fatherless, and the widows would have enough to eat?
  • Summarize the rules for caring for the poor and releasing slaves.

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