Bible Reading - Week 12


This week watch for how Israel moves in and takes over the land the Lord promised them. Look for how the Lord proves faithful to his promises.



Joshua 23:6 Be very strong and continue obeying all that is written in the book of the law of Moses, so that you do not turn from it to the right or left.


DAY 1 Joshua 3-6

  • Describe how you think you would have felt had you been an Israelite poised to enter the promised land?
  • Take note of how the crossing of the Jordan is like the crossing of the Red Sea (Ex 14). How is it different?
  • When did the Israelites cease to eat manna?
  • Take note of the warning in 6:18 because it will be important for tomorrow’s reading.


DAY 2 Joshua 7-10

  • Describe how Joshua feels when Israel gets defeated by Ai. What is the reason for Israel’s defeat? Why is Achan judged so severely?
  • Summarize Joshua’s military strategy for defeating Ai.
  • Why does Israel get fooled by the Gibeonites?
  • What miraculous events occur when Israel defeats the Amorites in chapter 10?


DAY 3 Joshua 11-14

  • Why do none of the cities except the Hivites who inhabited Gibeon make peace with Israel?
  • In order to better appreciate the division of the land to the various tribes described in 13:8-19:51, you will probably find it helpful to look at a map that depicts the territory allotted to each of the twelve tribes of Israel. You probably have a map in the back of your Bible.
  • Which tribes settle on the east side of Jericho?
  • How old is Caleb when he requests his inheritance? Take note of his physical abilities and steadfast commitment to the mission. He stands as an inspiration to vigilance for the Lord despite advancing age.



DAY 4 Joshua 15-18

  • What does Caleb do for Othniel as a reward for attacking and capturing Kiriath-sepher?
  • Compare 16:10 with 13:13, 15:53, and 17:12. These texts seem to be in conflict with the Lord’s promise that Israel can defeat its enemies (1:5-6). Take note that Joshua remains confident (17:18). In all likelihood, these examples are early indications of the spiritual decline that will become far more pronounced in the book of Judges.


DAY 5 Joshua 19-22

  • It is worth pointing out that the Israelites gave Joshua an inheritance after everyone else had been allotted territory. This reminds us that a good leader takes the role of the servant of all (cf. Mark 10:35-45).
  • The six cities of refuge (chapter 20) and the Levitical cities (chapter 21) show that the Lord is concerned about how Israel is to be a nation of justice and worship.
  • The summary in 21:43-45 should be taken as a broad summary and not as an indication that no work remained to be accomplished (cf. 23:4-5).


DAY 6 Joshua 23-24; Judges 1

  • Note the similarities of the last two chapters of Joshua with chapter one. In chapter one leadership was passing to Joshua; as the book ends, leadership is passing from Joshua.
  • Take note of how Judges opens by revealing some glaring failures to drive out the inhabitants of the land as Israel has been commanded to do. This will open the door to Israel’s falling away from the Lord.

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