Bible Reading - Week 2


This week the focus is on God’s dealings with Abram, whom God later renames Abraham. Abraham is a man known for his great faith. As you will see, however, he does not always display perfect faith. Instead, as he lives his faith grows. As you read, ask God to help your faith to grow. Also ask the same for your fellow church members.



Genesis 15:6 Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness.


DAY 1 Genesis 12-13

  • Abram, later renamed Abraham, is the main human figure in this week’s readings. What promises does the Lord make to Abram in chapter 12? Be on the lookout in future readings for how these promises get fulfilled.
  • In what way does the Lord protect Abram and his wife Sarai during the famine?
  • How does Abram show contentment when dealing with his nephew Lot?


DAY 2 Genesis 14-16

  • After Abram achieves a great victory in battle (chapter 14), the Lord makes a covenant with him (chapter 15). What promises does the Lord make to him?
  • How did Abram and Sarai, his wife, show impatience in chapter 16?
  • In what areas of your life do you need to wait patiently on the Lord?


DAY 3 Genesis 17-19 

  • In chapter 17 the Lord changes Abram and Sarai’s names to Abraham and Sarah to indicate that he was doing something new in their lives. What does the Lord promise them? What does the Lord require of them and their offspring?
  • What promises from the Lord do you find hard to believe?
  • What does today’s reading teach you about prayer?
  • What does it teach about God’s judgment?


DAY 4 Genesis 20-23

  • Chapters 20-21 show us something of how much God loves us even when we fail him. Be sure to thank him today for his steadfast love.
  • When the Lord tells Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, the whole future of Israel is on the line, yet Abraham believes and obeys. What is the Lord trying to teach Abraham?
  • After Sarah dies Abraham has to secure a burial place for her. What guidance does chapter 23 give to those trying to take care of funeral arrangements?


DAY 5 Genesis 24-26

  • In today’s reading we find that Abraham dies. Yet God’s plan continues to unfold through Abraham’s offspring.
  • Pay close attention to how God’s providence gets emphasized in the account of Abraham’s servant finding a wife for Isaac.
  • Notice how Esau cares far more about immediate gratification than his future.
  • Note also that while Isaac is far from perfect, God affirms the covenant with him.


DAY 6 Genesis 27-29

  • The way Isaac and Rebekah each had a favorite son produced great problems in their family. Ask the Lord to safeguard your family from this mistake.
  • Notice how the Lord reaffirms the covenant yet again, this time with Jacob.


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