Bible Reading - Week 49


This week you will grow in your knowledge of and appreciation for Paul. Romans is his most influential letter and Acts traces many of his missionary efforts. Be sure to express to God your deep appreciation for Paul, “the apostle to the Gentiles.”



Romans 8:1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.


DAY 1 Romans 1-4; Acts 20:1-3

  • Why is Paul not ashamed of the gospel?
  • Why are people without excuse before God?
  • Why is God kind to people?
  • Who is a true Jew?
  • What evidence does Paul give that all people are sinful?
  • How does Abraham prove we are justified by faith, not by works?


DAY 2 Romans 5-8

  • How do we know God loves us?
  • How are Adam and Christ alike? How are they different?
  • To what are believers supposed to offer the parts of their bodies?
  • Why is the law not sinful?
  • Why does Paul give thanks near the end of chapter 7, despite his struggles with sin?
  • Why can’t those in the flesh please God?
  • Does the believer’s obligation lie with the flesh or with the Spirit? Why?
  • Why should believers feel secure despite living in an insecure world?


DAY 3 Romans 9-12

  • How does Paul reveal his love for the Israelites?
  • What examples does Paul put forth from the Old Testament to prove election? Why is election not unjust?
  • What is Paul’s desire and prayer for the Israelites?
  • What is their crucial mistake?
  • What must a person do to be saved?
  • Which people group represents the cultivated olive tree? Which one represents the wild olive tree?
  • In light of all the Lord has done for believers, how must they live?
  • Take time to pray for God to help you obey the commands of chapter 12.


DAY 4 Romans 13-16

  • Why must Christians submit to governing authorities? What advantages does the government bring to society?
  • What do you see as the most important principle Paul teaches in chapters 14 and 15?
  • In chapter 16, what does Paul predict will soon happen to Satan?


DAY 5 Acts 20:4-23:35

  • Try to imagine as you read this section in Acts what it would be like to be in Paul’s shoes. Do you think you could be such a bold witness despite facing the persecution he endured? Why do you think he remained so faithful?
  • How is Paul saved by the son of Paul’s sister?


DAY 6 Acts 24-26

  • What is the key doctrine for which Paul is on trial?
  • Why does Felix leave Paul in prison?
  • What is the accusation Festus makes against Paul?

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