Bible Reading - Week 5


This week you will finish Job, read two chapters out of Psalms, and begin Exodus. In Job, you will find him conclude his conversations with his “friends”. You will also hear two new voices speak to him: Elihu, a young man who thinks he knows more than the others, and God, who finally speaks to Job. The chapters from the Psalms will give further insight into the greatness of God. The opening four chapters of Exodus will introduce how God wants to liberate his people through the actions of Moses.



Psalm 19:14 May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, LORD, my rock and my Redeemer.



DAY 1 Job 25-28

  • Look for how Bildad questions how anyone can be justified before God and how Job maintains his innocence.
  • Be on the alert also for how Job affirms the supreme worth of wisdom. Pray for God to give you a greater appreciation for wisdom, and a greater energy to seek after wisdom until you attain it.


DAY 2 Job 29-32

  • Job longs for things to be as they once were in his life. What do you miss about your former days? Pause to thank the Lord for those precious memories.
  • Next, Job laments how others mock him. How do you respond when others make fun of you or avoid you?
  • In chapter 32 Elihu enters the picture. Take note of why he is angry.


DAY 3 Job 33-36

  • Although Elihu is younger than Job and Job’s friends, he is confident he is right. Look for examples of his confidence.
  • Also, be aware that Elihu is long-winded. He has waited to speak and now he has much to say. He thinks he is speaking for God.



DAY 4 Job 37:1-40:5; Psalm 19

  • After one more chapter from Elihu, the Lord finally answers Job from the whirlwind. He answers by way of questions. As you read each question the Lord asks Job, pause to answer as if he were asking the questions to you. What do you think the Lord is trying to teach Job?
  • Pay special attention to what Job says to the Lord in 40:3-5.


DAY 5 Job 40:6-42:17; Psalm 29

  • These chapters conclude the book of Job. He does not get the answers to his questions, but take note of what he does get.



  1. Why do you think God doesn’t answer all our questions about suffering?
  2. What mistakes did Job’s friends make that you need to avoid in order to be a better comforter to those who suffer?


DAY 6 Exodus 1-4

  • Pay attention to how the Lord protects and prepares Moses to lead his people, the Israelites, out of Egyptian bondage.
  • What do you learn about Moses from these chapters?
  • Why do you think Moses is so reluctant to take this assignment from God?

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