Bible Reading - Week 6


You will find the story of the exodus interesting and dynamic. Keep in mind that God is liberating his people in order to form them into a nation through which he will work to bring blessing to the world, just the way he promised Abraham in Genesis 12.



Exodus 20:3 Do not have other gods besides me.


DAY 1 Exodus 5-9

  • Pay attention to how Moses remains convinced that he is not adequately equipped to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Why are we so often fearful to take on the responsibilities the Lord wants to give us?
  • Look for how old Moses and Aaron are when they take on the big job of confronting Pharaoh.
  • As you read about the plagues God sends on Egypt, try to imagine what it would be like to be an Egyptian living through such horrible experiences.


DAY 2 Exodus 10-13

  • Notice how Pharaoh waffles back and forth between insisting on keeping the Israelites enslaved and appearing to be willing to let them go. What is it that finally convinces him to let them go?
  • What enables the Israelites to survive the last plague?
  • What two instruments does the Lord use in the sky with which to lead Israel on their way in the wilderness during both the day and the night?


DAY 3 Exodus 14-18

  • How does the Lord protect the Israelites in the wilderness when Pharaoh’s army pursues them?
  • Why, after all the remarkable things the Lord has just done for them, do the Israelites grumble repeatedly?
  • How does the Lord provide for his people in the wilderness?
  • What good advice does Moses’ father-in-law give him?


DAY 4 Exodus 19-21

  • Take your time not only to read the Ten Commandments but to pray through them. Confess how you have fallen short of obeying them and ask the Lord to forgive you for your transgressions. Pray that the Lord will give you and others power to obey them.


DAY 5 Exodus 22-24

  • Embrace the fact that the reading gets more difficult from now until the end of Leviticus. The Lord is establishing Israel as a nation, and as a nation, they need laws that govern their actions. They also need instructions regarding how to worship the Lord correctly. Laws for conduct and rules for worship will be prominent from here through the end of Leviticus.
  • Understand that God is establishing Israel as a theocracy, a nation that has God for its king. Perhaps the key question is this: How can I live to please God my king?


DAY 6 Exodus 25-28

  • The Lord wants Israel to build a place for worship.
  • Don’t get bogged down in all the details. See the big picture, which is that Israel is to have a place where they can have their sins forgiven and where they can commune with God and where God can dwell in their midst.

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