That'll Preach!

That’ll Preach!

From time to time I am guessing you encounter a good story that you think would make a good sermon illustration. The next time you find one, would you share it with me? I might just find a way to use it in an upcoming sermon. No matter how hard we try, we sometimes struggle to pay attention when listening to a sermon. Yet the moment the preacher begins a story, we start paying attention again. Stories and illustrations are to sermons what windows are to houses; they let light in so we can see the things we need to see.

You might hear something on the news or read about it in a book, a newspaper, a magazine, or online. Or it might even be something that you or someone you know experienced. If you come across something you think could be useful in a sermon, pass it on to me by using the Contact Us form online, or phone, email, mail me personally.  You could even hand it to me if you like. I do not promise you that I will use it, but I do promise to try.

So keep your eyes and ears open in the days to come. You just might discover something that could help others.


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